Vaction Homes 365 -( How We Help You Launch & Manage Your Vacation Rental

There are a many important steps in the design, launch , and management of your vacation rental to achieve maximum bookings and profits. has the experience and talent to do this for you, so that you won’t miss out on thousands of dollars a month. We have doubled, or tripled people’s bookings with simple makeover in design and marketing strategies, and we can do it quickly in many cases as short as two weeks, and with an little ongoing management.

Here are the steps and areas we will focus on:

1- An Eye-Popping Interior Design —with proper Airbnb Slant. Having an impressive design can come in many styles. But the bottom line is if we are going for Luxurious, Modern, Minimalist, Bohemian, or Traditional, the design must be superior to what others are offering on Airbnb, or you will lose the business. In general, the place has to be professionally designed. Our company has professional designers. Secondly you have to design , with Airbnb in mind, so the design is not the same as you would use for instance as stagers do when selling a home. But in general, we are going for “eye popping”.

2- Add Creation – There are “19 different Knobs” or settings in Airbnb as we call it, and if half of them are set wrong, you will actually cut your sales in half. We can help you get this right. Then there are about 3 other sites, that you need to use, besides Airbnb , or you will lose out. One tip here is to have a weekend rate set vs a weekend rate. What I like to do is call hotels, pretend I am a long term stayer at a hotel, and ask for their pricing for the next 6 months. You will see their pricing goes up and down depending on events that come into town, so you will know how to price a little better here.

3- Speed of Launch – the faster the makeover, and launch of adds – the more money you make. Getting up and running as fast as two weeks or even one week, means the difference of thousands of dollars. Most homes we do in Hollywood for example, do $20K plus a month in Airbnb, so one week makes all the difference, of course without sacrificing quality.

4- Sales/Bookings Team – people inquire around the clock, seven days a week. Chinese people inquire after 11 pm for example because of their time frame. We have found that keeping shifts of people , 7 days a week, to be most optimal

5- Operations – operations is the day to day operations and running of your Airbnb. Everything from dealing with customers, dealing with escalations, getting good reviews (and negotiating out of bad ones), dealing with thefts and security deposits, property maintenance and emergencies, and MUCH more.

6- Cleaning Staff – Finding a reliable cleaning staff, that can also stock your supplies, and count your inventory, or greet your guests, is a must.

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