Vacation Rental 2020: Things You Can Do To Prepare for the Next Travel Boom

It’s undeniable that 2020 became a problematic year for everyone who made a living via tourism. A lot of people stayed at home instead of going to different travel locations. Among those who suffered the most are the vacation rental hosts. Vacation Homes 365 have seen the huge losses of different hosts.

If you check, a lot of vacation rentals didn’t make money this year. However, for those who are serious about their property, it is still possible to make the most of 2020. You can do things that can help you prepare for the new normal and the next travel boom.

Increase Room Capacity

Let’s admit that once the pandemic is over, you can expect people to want to travel. And this means that there will be people who would want to book vacation rentals rather than hotels. If you will compare hotels and vacation rentals, the latter can be safer because you can rent the entire property and just have it all by yourself and your family.

And compared to hotels, fewer people can stay in a vacation rental. You don’t even have to use the elevator where it is cramped.

One of the things that hosts can do is to increase the room capacity. They can do it while no guests are booking the property. With more rooms, you can get individual guests to stay. They can have the confidence that they don’t have to share the room with someone who is likely infected by the virus.

Cleaning Protocols

You can also use this time to perfect your cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Perhaps, instead of hiring cleaning and disinfecting teams to go to your property, why not just buy the necessary products and tools yourself? This way, it becomes easier to clean and disinfect the property on your own.

You can also buy disinfectant machines that can help in keeping the air clean. And on top of that, you want to have alcohol on every corner of the property to make sure that everyone can keep their hands clean.

Offer Additional Services

You can also offer additional services to your market once the pandemic is over or once the situation subsides. You can anticipate people to be too cautious to use public transportation from the airport to your property. This means that you can potentially offer them guided tours, airport pickup and dropoff, or even have your car rented by your guests. You can also sell masks and other must-haves for guests who are staying in your property.

You can’t deny that some places are still not allowed to open. Though it does affect the travel industry, it is for the best. But is it over? Should you start switching industries given the pandemic’s damage to the travel industry?

Let’s get one thing straight. The travel industry isn’t the only one affected. VacationRentals365 believes that 2020 may not exactly be the best year for the travel industry but this is also true for other industries. Consider this year as the time to prepare for bigger things to come for the travel industry. If you take your time and anticipate for the next trends, it is possible that you are going to make the most of the remaining months of the year.

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