Do’s and Don’ts Managing a Vacation Rental

When it comes to running a vacation rental, it is equally important that you know exactly how to manage this type of business. Vacation Homes 365 handled several vacation rentals saving these properties from mismanagement. For, there are some things that you need to do and you have to avoid to run an effective vacation rental.


Keep Things Clean

The first thing that you should be doing is to clean the property. Every property must be well maintained for the guests. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners still overlook this. There are instances when guests make bad reviews about the property simply because of the property not being clean.

To make sure that this can be avoided, it is best if you stick to having a third party cleaner that will clean whenever there’s a guest that is checking out.

Maintain Good Communication

Next, you always want to make sure that you get to communicate with your guests. Nothing beats good communication if you want the best reviews. As a vacation rental, you expect the guests to be doing things such as check-in and operating the things inside the property. Unfortunately, you can’t just rely on them to know everything.

Having good communication from start to finish of their stay is crucial if you want to run a business that will be recommended by your guests to other people. Also, don’t expect that people will be able to understand your instructions.

Improve the Pricing

You always have to take a closer look at your pricing. Pricing plays an important role in whether or not your property is going to be occupied or not. Keep in mind that if you just take a look at the list of properties in VacationHomes365 in your area, you will realize that you are in a highly competitive niche.

You want to lower the price if you wish to attract guests, especially on selected seasons. During off-peak season, you would rather cut a significant amount on your price to attract guests. But of course, it shouldn’t be to the point wherein you don’t have any income anymore.


Simply having a spare room rented as is

A common mistake is that hosts tend to think of generating money from a spare room. They tend to have it rented as-is. It can be a bad idea for some reasons. One, if you are going to have a room rented, you at least want to have it renovated or turned into a vacation rental property.

Next, you also want to be in the shoes of your guests. Keep in mind that they also want the best bang for their buck.

Not having enough time to address your guests’ concerns

There are a lot of people today that don’t have the time to address their guests’ concerns but still run a vacation rental. If this is the case, you might want to just stick to having a property manager handle everything.

A vacation rental business is a serious business and should never be taken for granted. If you wish to have the best results, it might be a good idea that you turn to these do’s and don’ts.

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